Target Area 
Chin state is situated at the Western part of Myanmar. The Target area of RVA Chin Service is middle and southern part of Chin State comprises of Hakha, Falam, Thantlang, Rih, Rezua, Matupi, Mindat, Kanpetlet Townships with the population of about 400000(estimates), Chins scattered around Myanmar with the estimate of 50000 and Chins immigrants in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and the United States about 30000 population. For these immigrants RVA Chin service is one of the best means to get information about the motherland. 

RVA Chin Service serves people who have no possibilities of attending Mass, hearing the Word of God and practicing their religion and also informs, enriches and renews their cultural, intellectual and religious knowledge. 

A large population of the target area lives in rural areas and depends directly on agriculture. Due to poor communication systems it is not possible to rely on person to person contacts. As literacy is also low in rural areas, newspapers or magazines cannot be the chief means of communication. Since people are very poor, radio remains a popular medium despite growing other modern media. 

Listeners’ Profile 
RVA Chin service is aimed for the people of all faith both young and old, man and woman, educated and uneducated, both living in Chin State and outside of it including those living in abroad. Yet most of our listeners are from Chin State, Myanmar.Though there are many difficulties regarding communication with our listeners, we still hope that communication systems would be improving day by day.