RVA Chin program aired programs at 11870 KHz from 9:00 to 9:30 pm daily so we have 30 minutes of transmission time per day. It is composed of three different dialects namely Hakha, Falam and Mindat. Each dialect has an equal share of transmission time in a week. RVA Chin program contains 5 categories of messages: 1) evangelical, 2) social development, 3) human development,4) intellectual knowledge and 5) music and entertainment. 

  1.  Evangelical messages includes five segments with the total airing time of 92 minutes 45 seconds in a week – Reading the Word of God (6 minutes), Sunday Homilies (23 minutes), Life of saints (21 minutes), Ecumenism (24 mins 45”), Question and answers (18 minutes). 
  2.  Social Development messages includes 2 segments with the total airing time of 43 min 30 sec in a week – Rural Area Development (21 min 45 sec), Cultural Knowledge (21 min 45 sec). 
  3. Human Development messages includes one segment that is aired 21 min 45 sec in a week – Health and Family Guidelines (21 min 45 sec).
  4. Intellectual Knowledge messages. This category includes only one segment namely Educational Knowledge with the total time of 24 min 45 sec airing time in a week.
  5.  Music and Entertainment is aired for a total of 21 min 15 sec in a week and it includes Gospel songs, cultural music, inspirational music and song request.