Psalter: Week 1 / (Green)

Ps 15:2-3a, 3bc-4ab, 5
The just one shall live on your holy mountain, O Lord.

1st Reading: Pro 3:27-34

Do not hold back from those who ask your help, when it is in your power to do it. Do not say to your neighbor, “Go away! Come another time; tomorrow I will give it to you!” when you can help him now.
Do not plot evil against your neighbor who lives trustingly beside you, nor fight a man without cause when he has done you no wrong. Do not envy the man of violence or follow his example.
For Yahweh hates the wicked but guides the honest. He curses the house of the evildoer but blesses the home of the upright. If there are mockers, he mocks them in turn but he shows his favor to the humble.


Gospel: Lk 8:16-18

 No one, after lighting a lamp, covers it with a bowl or puts it under the bed; rather, he puts it on a lamp stand, so that people coming in may see the light. In the same way, there is nothing hidden that shall not be uncovered; nothing kept secret, that shall not be known clearly. Now, pay attention and listen well, for whoever produces, will be given more; but from those who do not produce, even what they seem to have will be taken away from them.



There is nothing hidden that shall not be uncovered

The Gospel message is not meant to be kept hidden. We are called to witness God’s love and mercy to all. It is a message that is to be proclaimed from the housetops. If what we believe and say is good, goodness will be light from our hearts and seen from our way of life. We understand Jesus to be the Light of the world and his followers are also to be like lamps shining out for all the world to see. An invisible Christian is a contradiction in terms, yet there are strong tendencies for us to privatize our faith and fail to live the prophetic character of follo­wing Jesus. “Take heed, therefore, how you hear,” says Jesus today. It has to be a hearing which understands, accepts, assimilates and puts into practice the values of the Kingdom. What is heard and assimilated has to be shared with others. Otherwise it dies. But “to the one who has, more will be given”. To be a Christian is not to make a personal devotion of one’s faith; it essentially means constant growth and bearing fruit in our relationships with others, with creation and with God.

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