The initial target audience of the Filipino Service was the Middle East where thousands of overseas Filipino workers are employed. However, in its second year of broadcast, it was becoming clearer that the Filipino Service was reaching many Filipinos dispersed in several parts of the world, to include Angola, some Mediterranean countries, Europe, particularly Spain and Portugal and even as far as Russia.

Those who initially wrote were mostly seamen but feedback from the Middle East also came. The Filipino Service could very well be a broadcast rendering service to all FILIPINOS IN DIASPORA.

On January 1, 1994, the Filipino Service began its East Asian service for Filipino overseas workers in Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and Korea.

Seeking to be an effective broadcast service to Filipinos overseas, the Filipino Service hopes to reach out and respond meaningfully to the different needs inherent in migrant life. To many Filipino migrant workers, the broadcast serves as a link to their homeland and to their loved ones.

Test broadcasts commenced on December 16, 1990, with a nine-day Novena Masses for Christmas. The initial trickle of feedback from listeners expressed gratitude from the listeners who, right from the start of the broadcast, have stated the felt need for a Holy Mass on the air. Furthermore, the daily news segment of the broadcast was predictably the service’s “come-on”. Filipinos overseas were just too hungry for news from their homeland, and to get it on a daily basis was really something else.


Target Area

Middle East

East Asia (Hong Kong, Japan, Korea)


Target Groups

Land-Based workers (Middle East)

Domestic Workers



Filipino migrants