Auntie Emilie, Listener from US

Anty Emilie whose photos I sent you is the constant listener of RVA Myanmar Service. She phoned me about 5 times already that she appreciates RVA Myanmar Service Programs. She is of Chin tribe. She is the mother in law of Thwa Aung, who was a Burmese stereo songs composer. Previously she had to listen only the other denomination channels and now it is really pleasing to her to listen RVAMM Service. She is also telling other people whom she meets about this. Yesterday I need to tell her about the change of the former App to the New App because she did not catch the programs with the former App anymore.

(Sent by Fr.Saw Hubert, coordinator of Karen service who met with listener of Myanmar-RVA, Aunty Emilie,US)


Sent by Archbishop Charles Bo

Dear Paulinus,

Thanks for your attention.

I shall try to prepare a homily for Parents' Day. Yes there are difficulties I guess and hope to have solutions. When I was in UK, people told me that they appreciate the Burmese Programs and they could listen to RVA any time free. Congrats. PPG


Sent by Fr.Noel, Project coordinator of Archdiocese of Yangon

Dear Fr. Kayin Gyi,

I thank you and your collaborators for your effort and sacrifices. What a blessing that RVA Karen Service has completed 32 years already. Many people are blessed by this program. When I visited my village in last week, I was surprised to know some of my villagers listen RVA Karen and RVA Myanmar. They told me about my homily on Ash Wednesday. I want to encourage you and all the donors that your efforts and sacrifices are not wasted. Many people in villages and faraway places are benefiting from your programs.

Happy 32nd Anniversary! Thank you.

Fr. Noel



May Archbishop, sisters and all the staff from RVA Center be in good health.

My favorite programs are Youth Dramas and Rural Area Development Dramas and I never miss to listen to them. I hope that the Youth Program by the title “Lets cook and eat together happily” presented by Sr. Denis on 17th June, 2010 will be a great beneficial to youth. In that program, Sister said that it is not good to waste the precious time by sitting idly and talking nonsense at tea-shops for many hours. It encourages a lot of youth to reflect on themselves especially those who are doing exactly what Sister said.

“By gathering together at one of friends’ home and cooking and eating together, we came to be more friendly, even though we are not from the same family, we can come to live and have affection like those family members, and we can come to know more about cooking also” these are just some of the things which I learned from that program and for that I am really grateful to Sister.

I encourage and wish that in the future you may also give us such beneficial programs.

May God bless you all. Expecting for your reply,

RVA’S Faithful Listener,

Myoe Htat Zaw (Yangon)

He is one of the disable bed-ridden listeners.


Dear Sister,


I am really happy to receive your reply letter. I am deeply pleased because of your warmly acceptance. I consider myself as one of the RVA Family. I confidently consider myself like that since you always replied to me in spite of your tight schedules. Since RVA’s each and every program is essentially needed, if I had to express the goodness and benefits of each program, there would be no enough papers to write down but still there would remain many benefits to be expressed. Only when I have a chance to meet you personally, I will witness everything. Since my childhood I love RVA, but only in 1994, I came to contact with RVA. Whenever I go, I bring along with me a pocket-size radio not to miss the one which has been giving light to me. Radio is my real benefactor. On my part, I have to invest only two batteries at the price of 200 Kyats (US $ 0.25 cents) but what I get back is beyond measures. Since I have volunteered myself as a catechist and teacher, RVA is my teacher as I tour the villages. I impart knowledge to them which I gained from listening to the radio. So, RVA with various programs is essential to my Roman Catholic faiths. In addition to these, I love RVA for facilitating me to get many friends through Pen_ Pal program on Thursdays. I would like to say again “RVA is essential short-wave radio station” and best wishes,

Elizabeth Nan Tu,

Kayah State.


DATED: 15th OCTOBER, 2010

Dear RVA,

I am a sergeant of government army and I have been assigned here in KHAN DI (SAGAING DIVISION) for twenty two years. Since I am a solider it is very difficult to attend Mass regularly, and I have a very backward orientation in religious knowledge. Therefore, I bought a radio set and have been listening to RVA since twenty years ago. I heard on radio that we can buy aired radio programs on CDs especially on Religious Q and A at Center in Mandalay, I would like to buy some and therefore I send this letter to order them.

With prayers for the success of the mission,

Sergeant Khi Khui Ohn,

Khan Di ( Sagaing Division).




I, a listener from a remote village, pray for the priest and all the staff who proclaim the love of Jesus Christ to all the peoples of Burma all the time on every season, to every part of the country without barriers or boundaries. I am from Chin tribes who live on mountainous part of Burma and I am not well versed in Burmese but I have been listening to RVA Myanmar programs since 1985 and this is the first time to write a letter to RVA. Even that happened since I met a person who was going down to Mandalay unexpectedly by the grace of God.

My parents were animists but by the grace of God, from the GA LUN village which has 80 houses with 700 populations, everyone came to be baptized into the Catholic Church.

By this letter may I witness that we have received great gifts from the Lord,