Karen people are one of the major ethnic nationalities living mainly in Myanmar (Burma). Many also live in Thailand. They are now scattered all over the southern part of Myanmar and northern part of Thailand. Their total population is estimated to be about 7-10 million comprising all Karen living in Myanmar, Thailand and overseas. The Karens were Animists originally, but today the majority are Buddhists. In conjunction with Animism, many have become Christians with the arrival of Christian missionaries in South East Asia. Sgaw and Pwo ( Phlong) are the main languages spoken by Karen people in their daily communications though they still have sub-dialects spoken. They have their own literature, dress, customs and traditions which are different from other ethnic groups with which they are living side by side either in Myanmar or in Thailand. Karens are by nature peace loving people. Their style of living is simple and nonviolent. They prefer earning their living by cultivating the lands in the countryside rather than settling in cities and towns.


Today, there is an urgent need for all the Karen people to come to the awareness of safeguarding and promoting their identities. RVA Karen service has been carrying out unfailingly this mission since 1st April 1982 until now transmitting the good tidings to all Karen people across the globe through the short wave radio transmissions and through the internet in the RVA website. RVA Karen service has become a resource providing both physical and spiritual nourishment to all Karen people without religious discrimination.. Seeing many letters coming from non-Christians, we are certain that RVA Karen service has penetrated also the areas of non-Christian communities. Though we differ in belief from the Buddhists, Animists or Christians, fundamentally we are of the same root. Today many Karen leaders around the world come to realize the importance of being One Karen! In fact, being Karen is our common ground and becoming Christians or becoming Buddhist or Animists is just another layer of Karen existence. Our basic layer or ground is being Karen. In that aspect we can discover our common root. Therefore the services given by RVA Karen service is really meant for all Karen without discrimination of religions. Though RVA Karen service is Catholic broadcasting organization, the programs are well organized in such a way benefiting all Karen people regardless of their faith.


Our heartfelt thanks to all our past, present and future benefactors. We pray that God may shower His abundant graces spiritually and physically on our benefactors. We also pray that all our listeners be strengthened and protected by the power of the almighty God and be led by Him in their daily journey to Him.