The main goal of the RVA Mandarin Service to broadcast programs to all Christian listeners in Mainland China to introduce ,sustain and nurture the faith that is being quelled since the Communist take-over in 1949. All foreign missionaries in China were expelled in 1952.



Through means of modern communication to support the Catholics in China

  • In their living of the faith.
  • In giving witness to the Gospel values of justice, mutual reconciliation and love.
  • In their mission of spreading the Gospel in Chinese society.


The Mandarin Service, by way of the radio and the new media, seeks to undertake the following –

  • To produce radio and internet program in order to be a bridge between the Universal Church and the Church in China through transmitting messages and teachings of the Universal Church to the Catholics in China who face difficulties in communication with the Church community.
  • To provide formation for the priests, religious and Christians with theological and spiritual programs.
  • To provide more general programs for Chinese Christians and non-Christians all over the world with the aim of introducing the faith and promoting human development according to the Gospel values.