We envision our service

“to be the community builder that removes prejudice, hatred, misperceptions, barriers among the people of different faiths and cultures and to give knowledge and guidance for wholesome and integrated and abundant life; to inculcate people to involve in the process of peace and justice by non-violent ways and to participate in establishing culture of life and peace.”



The challenges of RVA are to cater to the needs of people. Therefore, we committed ourselves to: Our programs are to be a source of values and moral teachings for both Christian and non-Christian listeners. A study on world religions and dialogue to promote inter-religious harmony is a priority.

In a country where health care services are in adequate and whose socio-economic status is underdeveloped, programs on health care, rural development as well as a youth corner will be the primary vehicle to enrich people’s lives. The lack of religious personnel to explain the challenges of the Gospel, as well as the readings at Mass are addressed with weekly homilies and biblical reflections.

Our programs are to inculcate the listeners to build the culture of peace; to liberate to abundant lives that Jesus promised. Our target is to be all over the country.