Since the launch of transmission of Programmes in Sinhala language in1976, the number of listeners is augmented considerably and continues to grow day by day. Many Sinhalese living not only in the “Paradise Island” – Sri Lanka, but also in the Middle East, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia and Maldives form our audience.

Out of nearly 20 million population of the island, Christians comprise only 7 percent. This Christian minority community is called to be the “salt of the earth and the light of the world” amidst their non-Christian brothers and sisters. Sinhala Service of Radio Veritas Asia as it transits various Christian programmes on daily and weekly basis, shares in this mission of spreading the Good News of love. We evangelize and catechize our listeners with programs on the Word of God, Liturgical Celebrations, Meditations and direct preaching. Transcending the barriers of cast and creed RVA addresses even non-Christians especially Buddhists. Buddhist Preaching (Bana) on Poya Days, is a program appreciated by our Buddhists listeners. Our cultural programs are so designed to promote true human values of compassion, kindness, tolerance, harmony, solidarity and love. We are unbiased, impartial and straightforward in our daily News Editions covering various subjects especially issues related to justice and peace in the political arena.

Being committed to our mandated task, we will continue to spread the Good News of Love and Truth of Jesus Christ binding together not only all the Sri Lankans in the Island but also Sri Lankans all over Asia.