1. Day’s Gospel with Thought for the day (Ada Supuwatha, Desawan Pinawana Diwaman Wadana)
    • The Day’s Gospel and a short reflection basing on the readings of the day.
  2. Discussion (Daham Sara Kathikawa)
    • A 15 minutes discussion with an expert basing on different themes such as Church history, history of the local Church, Bible, Mary, Ancient Churches and Shrines of Sri Lanka, Prophets of the past, Divine mercy, Prophetic role in Catholic family, Church and church culture in Sri Lanka.
  3. Church news (Sasun Thathu Siwdesin)
    • Church News reporting from every corner on the earth.
  4. Documentary (Sadaham Charika)
    • A documentary on different aspects of life and of religion basing on certain researches done for the informative purpose.
  5. Historical Church (Hela Dev Meduru Puranaya)
    • Presenting the explored history of the churches in Sri Lanka.


  1. Story Teller (Balan Kadathura)
    • Reviewing the story with different angles and corners through a short inspirational story.
  2. Discussion (Asura)
    • Discourse with a popular artist as a resource person who will be posed with 12 questions which covers different aspects of arts and of life.
  3. Story behind the Song (Geethayaka Watha)
    • Reading in between the lines of the song and the context in which the song is composed.
  4. Documentary (Snehaye Thothenna)
    • The documentary, basing on the life style and the life journey of a legend who had contributed much to the Sri Lankan art.
  5. Two Tones Cinema Songs (Eda Meda Thura)
    • Two cinema songs from two different era are critically analyzed.


  1. Song on value (Manasalo Gee)
    • Inspirational songs make an invitation for the listeners for a deeper contemplation of his or her own life.
  2. News Headlines (Sathara Atha Puwath Matha)
    • A short news coverage from the headlines of daily newspapers
  3. Discussion (Muhunata Muhuna f2f)
    • Three different professionals such as a Spiritual Leader, a Popular Artist and a Politician would be posed with 7 different questions in three different sectors namely, three political, two personal and two religious.
  4. Documentary (Watapita Handa)
    • Several major areas such as politics, Law and people, youth and their challenges, Love and marriage, different professions; fishing, farming and mining, driving, garment industry, teacher and child, beggars, Family, historical characters.
  5. International Days (Ekamath Eka Dawasak)
    • The importance of the international days.


  1. New arrival (Nawa Nirmana Andaheraya)
    • Introducing the new technology or new apps that are being added daily to the system.
  2. Discussion (Bala Bindina Yanthranaya – Madyaya)
    • Focal dynamics such as media literacy, media ethics, free media, journalists and the media owners, political communication, good and bad use of social media, new media and children, television media, SLTRC and etc
  3. New trends (Wenasaka Arumaya)
    • Talking about the new trends in the modern age.
  4. With an artist (Sonduruthama Minisa)
    • A brief discourse with a legendary artist.
  5. Documentary (Snehaye Nawathena)
    • Concentrating on how the communication skills are being used in the day to day life with one another. It could be husband with his wife, a father with his daughter, a mother with her son, among the brothers and sisters in the family.
  6. Verbum (Verbum)
    • A moment with Sri Lankan Catholic Media Stations, Verbum, Bhakthi Prabodanaya.