In the middle of 15th century, People around the world were benefiting from the newspapers as one fine mean of mass communication. When Marconi invented Radio, the whole world was stunned of the miraculous power in it and came close to opening gates for an entirely different means of communication which would require no paper and printing press and transportation of the publication. It was a mean to carry the voice to million others in a flash of an eye. No doubt it was a miracle in the field of mass communication that a person could address a very number of audiences and that too, to a distance of thousands of kilometers away. And with the advent of the internet and new technology, the traditional media has its existence only when they are identified with the new technology for an example the Web Radio.
Sinhala service online, which operates under the supervision of the Centre or the Mother Organization in Manila has basically functioned in four hours circle. Therefore the Sinhala service online or Web Radio has programmed under Four Hours Circle such as,


Therefore this Four Hour Programmes  will be rotated six times per day and each day there will be a fresh hour added and  one of the four hours programme will be dropped and stored in the archives.


First few minutes will be on the inspirational reflection based on the day’s Scripture. Mostly the spiritual reflection and sharing will be given by a priest or a religious in the Church who prepares the listeners and gives a very holistic outlook.

Basically there are two main formats, one is the discussion format and the other a documentary format.  In the discussion there will be a popular person either from the Church or from the secular as a resource person who will be posed with 12 questions which covers different aspects of life and of religion. Similarly there will be 8 Segments which covers the whole year. There will be fundamental and basic components such as Church history, history of the local Church, Bible, Mary, Ancient Churches and Shrines of Sri Lanka, Prophets of the past, Divine mercy, Prophetic role in Catholic family, Church and church culture in Sri Lanka. Each component has its 12 unique questions with a prominent expertise.

In the documentary section, there are different aspects of life and of religion, which would be dwelt with in depth. There are different topics, which are very much relevant and essential for the livelihood of people would be addressed here.

With regard to the Church News, there are two segments such as local news and foreign news. Basically we produce the Sri Lankan Church news which are more relevant for both the local communities here and elsewhere. The immediate statements from the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Sri Lanka and the news from the domestic communities would appear here.

The churches over 100 and 200 years would be taken for the short documentary where we emphasize on the strength of the faith community. Basically it is not the history of the church in appearance but the faith of the people who built the church.


This hour is named under “Feature Programme”. Basically here we focus on the different facets in the world of arts namely, literature, art, entertainment, cinema and so on.

Some inspirational stories selected are re articulated with some values and ethics that would make the listeners eye opened. With the explanation, there is  appropriate inspirational song coupled with.

There are two main structures, one is the discussion type and the other a documentary type.  In the discussion there will be a popular artist  as a resource person who will be posed with 12 questions which covers different aspects of arts and of life. As usual there will be 8 Segments which covers the whole year. There will be fundamental and basic components such as Cinema, Folk Music and Dance, Appreciation of different arts, 15 secrets of a popular, Life untouched of an artist, Art culture, Oriental music in Sri Lanka, Travels untraveled in Sri Lanka and Children programs and etc,. Each component has its 12 unique questions with a prominent artist.

Under the title of “Story behind the Song” there are some songs specifically selected which communicate more powerful message in between the lines and also the background in which the particular song was composed by the lyrist.

In the documentary section, there are several cinema artists and of the other fields who had contributed much to the Sri Lankan art. There are some documentaries on some popular artists with the particular film or a book. History of cinema and of folk music and of different arts are being taken for series of documentaries.

An interesting short programme of 12 minutes is named under the title “Two Tones Cinema Songs” where two cinema songs from two different era are critically analyzed. The different context in which the songs were composed and the use of lyrics and its nature are some of the criteria on which two different cinema songs are explored.

The hour is basically oriented towards education, entertainment and creative talents. Here mostly the target group would be youth and the children.


As radio continued to have its impression on the cultural outlook of the societies by pouring in more opinions of experts in different fields of social life, it started special services to educate people on scores of issues foremost among those have been the healthcare matters and many other factors. When it comes to the healthcare, no other source would have been proved handier than radio programs to educate mothers in particular on providing primary health points for babies and school going children.

Under the title of “Song on Value” there are some songs specifically selected which communicate more powerful message in between the lines and also the background in which the particular song was composed by the lyrist. Both common and uncommon songs with a beautiful inspiration and of a very strong thought pattern would be selected for the use and each song makes an invitation for the listeners for a deeper contemplation of his or her own life. The purpose of this is to create a person with more sensitive and human for a better world.

Here mostly we concentrate on the burning issues of the country either political or any other matter. It is not simply the presentation of news headline but the news with our own comments. This segment will be updated daily in the four hours circle.

Next item is the discussion, which would appear under the title “Phone 2 Phone”. Three different professions such as a Spiritual Leader, a Popular Artist and a Politician would be posed with 7 different questions in three different sectors namely, three political, two personal and two religious. There are seven answers and each answer should limit to five minutes. Three different answers from the three different persons (a Spiritual Leader, a Popular Artist and a Politician )  for the first political question would be edited as a panel discussion. This is an unique and might goes even beyond the traditional outlook and create a different taste among the listeners.

In the documentary section, there are several major areas such as politics, Law and people, youth and their challenges, Love and marriage, different professions; fishing, farming and mining, driving, garment industry, teacher and child, beggars, Family, historical characters. These documentaries under those major areas are based on some research and with some new concepts. Each documentary lasts 15 minutes and has a great impact on lives of the people. Under each area there are sub headings on which the particular documentary is worked out.     


The word ‘media’ is derived from the word medium, signifying mode or carrier. Media is intended to reach and address a large target group or audience. The word was first used in respect of books and newspapers i.e. print media and with the advent of technology, media now encompasses television, movies, radio and internet. In today’s world, media becomes as essential as our daily needs. Media of today is playing an outstanding role in creating and shaping of public opinion and strengthening of society. Media is the sword arm of democracy. Media acts as watchdog to protect public interest against malpractice and create public awareness.

In the first segment of this hour, there introduces the new technology or new apps that are being added daily to the system. Here we concentrate on one new arrival in the new media and plan to introduce it to the listeners with some detailed explanation. There is an explanation of the proper use of those new technology.

In the discussion, there are focal dynamics that are being focused here such as media literacy, media ethics, free media, journalists and the media owners, political communication, good and bad use of social media, new media and children, television media, SLTRC and so on. Each topic has its 12 segments and the core of these topics is to bring out the importance of the mass media today and how it affects the general audience. Mostly the nature of this is educative.

There is no existence of the traditional media today if they come along with the new trends. In this segment, we concentrate on the new trends of the Mass Media. This is also very much educational and make the people aware of the new trends and the change of the mass media.

In the other segment named under “With an artist” it is a brief discourse with the personal sharing of his family and of his career. It is more on relaxation and entertainment purpose.

In the documentary section, basically we concentrate on how the communication skills are being used in the day to day life one with other. It could be husband with his wife, a father with his daughter, a mother with her son, among the brothers and sisters in the family. In this section we introduce and make the people aware of the daily communication that take place without our knowledge.

In the last segment there are identified media institute such as Catholic TV,  Catholic Press where they are allocated short air time in this hour.