We translate below some of the real stories of the listeners of Radio Veritas Asia Telugu programs:


I live in a very remote place and the only way of connection to the civilized world is through Radio. Living a tribal area, it is believed that by sprinkling human blood, the harvest would be in many fold. We work among the people of such beliefs. God wanted some changes in our lives. One day, I happened to hear the programs of Radio Veritas Asia Telugu broadcast. I thought that it would be a great help if I can make these programs available for our people in our villages. So after some investigation I came to know the address of the broadcasting place and the person in-charge. Slowly but steadily I introduced the programs to our people one village after another. I notice a lot of enthusiasm among the people to listen to the programs. All the programs that are being broadcast have a great value for our lives. The special programs that you have broadcast in recent days with the blind students and the people affected by AIDS are eye-openers to all of us. I, along with some other people, am going to our neighboring villages to tell about the impact of the programs.

Pastor V. Yesudas, Anukunta Village, Yapalaguda Post, Adilabad District, Andhra Pradesh.


Love and affection are forgotten these days. Selfishness and self-pride are prevailing in our societies. These things discourage our lives to a great extent. Your programs especially for children are really a ray of hope in this juncture of our lives.

The programs that are broadcast in recent days especially those that bear witness to their conversion to faith namely Mr. Santaram, the great businessman, Mr. Joshi, the notorious Naxalite (the extremist), Mr. Aziz, a Muslim are real consoling factors for our life K.J.D.V Prasad, Pothavaram village, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh.

Rev. Azariah’s special message is very spiritual. His explanation on the Word of God – “Forgive them for they know not what they do”, is excellent. The sermons on Sundays both morning and evening preached by Rev. Fr. Francis Madanu are very useful for us especially for those who have no opportunity to attend holy mass on Sundays. They are really solid and theologically sound and very apt and applicable to the situation.

A. Jojappa, and Sujana, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.


Gospel-based dramas are projected with real life characters and that’s why they are good and acceptable. We draw moral lessons from the plays. The series on Mother Teresa that lasted for about a year is fantastic. Yesudas, the pastor, has introduced Radio Veritas Asia Telugu programs to us and we are blessed with your dynamic and moral programs. World news that you broadcast over Radio Veritas Asia are very selective and informative. Can we look forward for some special programs for Christmas Easter and Good Friday?

Mrs. K Maya, Aakoli Village, Via Gimma, Jainadhmandal, 504 309, Adilabad District