Fr. U. Bala Showry Director of Amruthavani
Fr. S. Isaac Administrator and Producer of RVA
Fr. A. Prasanth Coordinator and Producer of RVA
M. Showry Studio Technician
Ratna Prasad Professional Radio artist who worked in All India  Radio (AIR) for 35 years and she continues to render her service to our Telugu section as a producer and the artist for a “Chinnari Lokam” (children related program) which is produced on every Friday in the evening in view of the children.
Ratna Teja A professional drama Artist. He is known for his drama skills and he is the producer of “Sreela Karyakram” (women program). He produces the program along with his team of artists. They are: S. Jayaraju, A.L. Raju, Narasimhan, K. Navatha, P. Sandhya, J. Jyoshna
T. Rayappa A senior lecturer and writer and he does “Ananda    Jeevanam” (tips for happy life) on Tuesday evening and “vartha vakya” (a commentary on the big news of the week) on Saturday morning.
G. Prathap Reddy He does the program on culture called “Mana Sumskruthi” on Monday evening.
Vijay CSSA she is the head of the department for media &literature of amruthavani. She renders her service in giving her voice for the program “mana punithulu”.
Mariadoss He is cameraman for the aradhana channel and helps us to do the program called “kaburlu”.
M.D. Vincent A senior writer and in-charge of prison ministry of India for the region of andhrapradesh renders his service for program called “yuvatha-bhavitha”



Andhra Pradesh has three important regions. They are ANDHRA, TELANGANA AND RAYALASEEMA. In order to cover the whole of Andhra Pradesh, we have two people who work as monitors for the service and submit their reports monthly. They are to cover timings of the programs, frequency, quality (regarding script, artists, signal) particulars of the program (welcome, prayer, conduction,) and make their own remarks and suggestions in a sheet of paper. Those two monitors are:          

Mr. Sarvesara Paul (Telangana Region)

Mr. Jojappa (Andhra Region)

Mr. P. Sekhar Babu (Rayalseema Region)