Theme of the Silver Jubilee Year

Every year, the management of the RVA Urdu Service selects a specific theme for its programmes. The theme for the present year is “Golden Memories, Bright Hopes”. Since this is the Silver Jubilee Year of RVA Urdu Service therefore it suits well.



Theology of Harmony proposed by the FABC, to find ways and means to seek possibilities of cooperation and collaboration between different sects of religions. We, through our efforts towards social justice are called to have dialogue of life with our Muslims brothers and sisters.



In the light of the Mission statement of Radio Veritas Asia, the Urdu Service has specified its mission in the following objectives:

  • To promote justice to the oppressed through the programmes with specific moral, religious and inspirational content.
  • To voice peace and harmony among different sects, races and sexes through socio-cultural programmes.
  • To promote inter-religious and inter ecumenical dialogue among different religions through inter-religious programmes