• Sunday Liturgy
  • Mail Box
  • Bible Reflection
  • Health and Fitness
  • Cultural programme
  • Comedy (Bazim-e-Diwan)
  • Children Programme
  • Women’s Programme
  • Famous Personalities programme
  • Literature and Poetry
  • Values Teachings
  • Weekly Contest of Listeners’ Writings
  • Programme for All Walks of Life
  • Life(Protection of Life)
  • Veritas Newsroom (Church and World News)
  • Sunday Church News(Messages and Life of Pope Francis)


Based on the newest programme schedule of Urdu Service, a substantial percentage is allotted to Socio-Cultural programmes as they will present more on health, listeners’ participation and feature programmes with the aim to promote "PROTECTION Of LIFE" which is the theme of the year 2014.


Program Classification:

A. Moral – Religious – Evangelical Program

  1. Vandana (Sunday Service)
  2. Naghma-e-Sehar (Bible Reflection)
  3. Roshan Rahain (Values Teachings)
  4. Tamer-e-zindagi (Protection of Life)
  5. Bazim-e-Diwan (Moral Formation in Comedy Form)


B. Socio – Cultural – Entertainment Program

  1. Aap Ka Khat Mila (Mail Box)
  2. Aap Ki Mehfil (Contest)
  3. Hamari Sehat (Health related programe)Yadon Kay Jharokay (Film Programme)
  4. Hawa Ki Beti (Women’s Programme)
  5. Adab Khazan (Literature and Poetry)
  6. Jahan Numa (programe about new inventions)

C. Politico – Economic -Informational Program

  1. Veritas Newsroom (World and Church News)
  2. Hamari Sehat (Health and Fitness)
  3. Phool Aur Kalian (Children Programme)
  4. Tehzeeb K Rang (Cultural programe)
  5. Tarekh Gawa Hay (information about diferent famous Places)