Target Areas

The chief target area is Manipur State of India and Chin State of Myanmar. It is in these two states that the Zomi-Chin communities are concentrated. On the Indian side, they are also found in all the seven states of the North East, metropolitan cities of the country as students, professionals, businessmen and army personnel.

More than a hundred thousand are in Malaysia as migrant workers who also tune the broadcast while those who have migrated to the USA number over 10,000 and they too have reported that they are listening. The link has been uploaded in all the Zomi-Chin websites worldwide. ZOLENGTHE, one of the most popular sites has advertised also the service.

Zolengthe banner“Tami programme pen Fr.Mark leh Lawrence in a bawl ahia, niteng programme ahi tualeh nagnai gige un.” (Translation: This daily programme is being prepared by Fr.Mark and Lawrence and so do listen to it)

Splinter groups are also found in Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan and Europe. (Include map of North East India and North West Myanmar)

Most listeners are now adults. In the beginning, it was the young who responded most but now due to increasing use of T.V, availability of videos from Korea, listeners among the youth have fallen.

Very few write to us nor we do insist that they write. However, we keep receiving short messages through mobile and e-mail. A large number of such verbatim texts have been mailed to Fr.Gabriel and there are more to be mailed.

A very common comment about the programme is: 

“I am a regular tuner and it has helped me to live a committed Christian life. Talks and interviews on family life are particularly life promoting.”