The service that kicked started way back in the summer of 1996 commits itself to the following Mission, Vision and Objectives:



Radio Veritas Asia:Zomi-Chin Service is committed to the production of quality radio program content, exploitation of human and divine potentials in the area of preaching of the Good News, art and culture and re-orientation of the listener’s life.



To add wings to the Good News through the air wave and bring about a change of life as inspired by the Gospel values of love, service and unity among the Zomi-Chin speaking communities across the globe.



  • To exploit and take advantage of the blessings of technology to reach out the Good News to places where radio is the only source of information and entertainment.
  • To bring the Zomi-Chin speaking communities of India and Myanmar under one common source of information, entertainment and cultural unity.
  • To exploit the latent talents of the youth in the area of art and culture through music production and promotion of traditional folklore and dance.
  • To create a forum where Zomi-Chin communities meet by listening to the program and exchanging views and challenges that affect them as members of a highly globalized international community.
  • To become active partners in fulfilling the Mission and Vision of Radio Veritas Asia through consistent collaboration and orient our activities as per their directives and guidance.
  • To create room for seasoned as well as potential preachers by inviting them to contribute quality talks and interviews that contribute to total development of the listener.